What Are E-Liquids?

What are e-liquids?

All e-cigarettes require a liquid to produce the vapour that is inhaled, this applies equally to refillable e cigarettes and e cigarettes with a disposable cartridges.

There are four ingredients in E-Juices:

1. Propylene Glycol (PG): Found in food flavourings, medicines, soft drinks, salad dressings, cake mixes, shampoos etc. This is what holds the flavours and helps dilute the nicotine concentration to your desired level.

2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG): Our products contain pure 100% food grade vegetable glycerine, a product found in most skin care products, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. This is what produces the vapour when you exhale.

3. Nicotine: Our nicotine is 99.9% pure

4. Flavours: if you have been a smoker for a long time you will know that it’s the nicotine that you need not the tobacco taste. You can get the same satisfaction but with a more pleasant flavour such as, menthol, cola, mixed fruit soda, candy floss etc. It’s a great alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and contains no tar, additives or smoke. Our standard e-liquid mixture is a 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin mix

E-Liquid Strength

How do i calculate what strength e-liquid I need?

The strength of e-liquid is calculated by how much nicotine the fluid contains in a set volume of e-liquid. A basic measure of milli-gram of nicotine per milli-litre of total fluid volume (mg/ml) is used. This is how the solutions we currently offer show the amount of nicotine they contain. You can use this to compare e-juice directly to conventional cigarettes. For example, if a cigarette package states that there is 1.8mg of nicotine in the product, it means that each cigarette contains 1.8mg of nicotine so in a pack of 20 cigarettes there is a total of 36mg (1.8 x 20) of nicotine. In comparison, an e-liquid of say 18mg/ml strength indicates that there are 18mg of nicotine in each ml of fluid. Therefore if you were to ‘vape’ 1ml of this fluid then it would contain the same amount of nicotine as in 10 1.8mg conventional cigarettes. More experienced users are now often referring to the percentage of nicotine in the solution. For example, each 1mg/ml of e-liquid contains by volume 0.1% nicotine i.e. 99.9 parts are diluent and flavouring mixture and only 0.1 parts of the fluid is nicotine. Using this formula, 18mg/ml e-liquid contains 1.8% nicotine.  Our nicotine strengths come in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mgand 48mg. We also supply 0mg e liquid for customers who have cut out the nicotine but still want to enjoy the cool vapour flavours

E-Liquid Strengths and Flavours

We supply e-vapour liquid in 7 nicotine strengths, 48mg, 36mg, 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg and 0mg, when quitting smoking it is easier to start on a strength that is equal to the nicotine content in the cigarettes you smoke, ( normal cigarettes are around 18-24mg) after a couple of weeks you can then cut down the e-liquid strength to one below and so on until you reach 0mg which has no nicotine content at all, if you like the smoking habit then you can still smoke this strength without being nicotine dependant, the added advantage as well as health benefits is the money saved, one 10ml bottle of e-juice is equal to around 200 cigarettes. Of course you will have to replace the atomiser every couple of weeks but around £10 every two weeks for your atomiser and e-liquid, compared to 400 cigarettes in the same period, the savings are fantastic.

We currently supply these flavours in e liquid and in all the strengths. but are constantly adding more, if there are flavours you think we should have then please email us and we will try to add it to our e-flavours.

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