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Vapour-Hut considering giving up smoking for 2020?

Then let Vapour-Hut, stop-smoking products show you how you can quit. E-Cigs are a proven aid or tool to cigarette smoking cessation.  People believe stopping smoking should be as easy as putting your mind to it or taking a pill, so if smokers don’t stop it’s because they don’t ‘really’ want to. This is not the case. We need the nicotine in cigarettes, we don’t need all the hundreds of harmful chemicals and the deadly tar that are produced when lighting up a cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes are a viable option to smoking and offer the nicotine we need without the chemicals. An added bonus is that e-liquids come in not only tobacco flavours but mint or fruit flavours allowing the user to move away from the taste of tobacco, thus helping the user from making a return to smoking an unpleasant experience.  Here at Vapour-Hut we provide CE certified e-cigarette kits at competitive prices and we offer advice and stop smoking tips. We are only a phone call away so please use our quit smoking advice line.

Welcome to Vapour-Hut, the leading specialists in e cigarettes, e liquid, e Juice and electronic cigarette accessories committed to helping you to quit smoking and provide an enjoyable vaping experience. E-cigs are the best way of enjoying a safer, healthier and more cost effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes with the added advantage of a huge amount of various flavours to choose from. From traditional tobacco flavoured e juice to the more bizarrepudding flavours or fruit flavoured cherry e-liquid and cola flavoured e-liquid.

E vapour cigarettes and e-vapour liquids are a reliable way of delivering a traditional nicotine experience but without the dangers and social unacceptability of conventional cigarette smoke. Our e cig devices, sometimes referred to as ‘pretend cigarettes’, are the way forward for many cigarette smokers who perhaps are looking for a cheaper way to smoke or simply wish to reduce their smoking habit. These fake cigarettes with nicotine can help quit smoking cigarettes for many people because E liquid recreates the way in which smokers gain their satisfaction from nicotine.

Here are some popular questions about e cigarettes

Will using e-cigarettes help quit smoking ?

While we cannot guarantee that fake cigarettes quit smoking for you, There is some research that suggests it be not so hard to quit anymore by using an e-cig to reduce your smoking habit.

How do e cigarettes work ?

A simple explanation is that our refillable electronic cigarette starter kit are battery powered and heat the vapour with a single button press which in turn produces vapour that is inhaled by the user.

How long do e cigarettes cartridges last ?

As a guide, one 10ml bottle of e-liquid is the approximate equivilent of 300 tobacco based cigarettes.

Is e-smoke safe to inhale ?

The vapour fake cigarette releases is mostly water vapour that within seconds evaporates into the air. E-cig do not contain many of the harmful, toxin chemicals used in tobacco cigarettes but nicotine is still a main ingredient, although fake cigarettes without nicotine are available.

Which e liquid flavours are available ?

 Vapour-Hut have a wide range of funky e liquid flavors for sale. From fruity cherry, apple, pineapple to coffee, cola drink inspired tastes. We also have traditional tobacco based flavours, menthol, spearmint and mega funky e juices such as bubblegum, candy floss and tutti frutti. More are being added regularly.

Anymore help quit smoking tips ?

Our products will not ensure you giving up smoking cigarette overnight but they will help reduce the amount of tobacco cigarettes you smoke. Based on the number of cigarettes you smoke per day we suggest an equivalent strength of nicotine e-liquid to provide the ‘hit’ you require. We would then recommend to slowly reduce this nicotine strength overtiime and this should also decrease the nicotine you need, hence reducing your smoking habit.

Here at Vapour-Hut we pride ourselves in providing e cigarette products that are top quality but at a lower price than traditional high street e-cig shops. Look out for our special offers and free e-liquid deals and why not sign up for our email newsletter and take advantage of these fantastic offers.

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